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    Pool Company Reviews and Testimonials

    Customer Testimonial 1
    My house was built in the late 80' know..back when pink weird mauve floor tiles and super bad swimming pools reigned king!? Anyway I decided to give my pool and surrounding areas a MAJOR facelift! I called several companies to get bids. I wasn't getting much "creativity" or suggestions for materials. Then a contractor friend recommended Kevin Plankey from Pool Perfection. My house is in the Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete area. Kevin was awesome and after we designed the spaces I knew it was going to be beautiful...What I didn't know was how beautiful... and how professional Kevin and his band of Merry Brazilian Men would be!
    Seriously, subcontracting can be a nightmare for the contractor and I am always the contractor in my own design projects. But what a joy this whole experience was. Like watching a well oiled machine... They were all up-beat and courteous ( No, not because I'm an actor. Believe me I've hired my share of arrogant screw-ups.) These guys just knew what they were doing!! They are real craftsmen, not just company workers phoning it in. Always showing up early. Working long hard hours without complaint. Always willing to listen to me jabber on about the next exciting step they would be working on. They were SO amazing that it forced me to deliver butter frosted cake, spring ice, gourmet cheeses and empanadas to them! Ha!
    The owner of Pool Perfection, Kevin, is cool, funny and super professional. He never once put his problems, if there were any, onto my plate. I can't say enough swell things so I'll just include photos of my gorgeous, insanely beautiful pool and courtyard so you can see for yourselves. I want to thank Kevin, his crew and his company for delivering me a dream come true. If you live in the Clearwater Tampa area, all I can say is you would be lucky to have Kevin's company remodel or build you a pool!! PS his prices are competitive and affordable!
    In Spanish "from the bottom of my pool, we thank you!"

    Kirstie Alley

    Customer Testimonial 2
    Hired Pool Perfection to renovate our pool which was about 12 years old. Refurbished pool with Pebble Tech finish. Laid out Pavers throughout the back yard. Kevin from Pool Perfection laid out the scope of work and the proposal which we compared against two other proposals. Pool Perfection was the lowest cost but that is not why we chose them to complete the job! Kevin was the most professional and sincere people that we spoke to about the job and in the end that is why we chose them! We truly felt that we were having a family member renovate our pool and patio and he had our complete confidence throughout the process.Kevin guided us through the planning and process making great recommendations along the way. He turned our boring concrete backyard into a resort like paradise!

    Customer Testimonial 3
    Kevin Plankey, owner of Pool Perfection came out and assessed the pool's condition and what type of repairs would need to be made. He took the time to listen to our concerns and offered up many options. The pool needed a complete remodel as it was all original from 1971 and was closer to a Koi pond than a swimming pool. The pool needed a new skimmer to replace the leaking cracked one, the pool also needed to be refinished due to the original finish coming off in hunks. The cool deck around the pool was also worn out and in places missing due to over pressure washing.

    Kevin had samples of tile to choose from as well as deck finishes and pool interior finishes, Me and the wife looked them over and made our decisions.

    Work to the pool started a week later and Kevin was there to oversee and help complete each process. The old finish was removed where ever it was loose (which was quite large) He replaced all the border tile and did a special coating that helps the new finish stick properly. At this time he also replaced the skimmer and re-sealed around all the jets, light fixture, and drain.

    A few days later he had his deck guy fixing cracks in the deck and re texturing it, the next day the deck was coated with a first coating of acrylic.

    A few days later the interior finish guys came out and re-coated the inside of the pool with a lifetime mini pebble finish and replaced the drain covers. At this time they began filling the pool.

    2 days later the deck guy came back out and touched up any areas and then did a final acrylic coating.

    The pool was completed faster than expected and turned out better than I ever imagined. The transformation is amazing, the pool is now so inviting I cant wait to jump in and cool off after a long day of work. The process went smooth from beginning to end. Kevin, the owner, was always professional and honest about what he was going to do for us and the time frame. He said he was only going to take a week and that's all it took. I cannot stop bragging and showing everyone my "new" pool now. What a difference it's made. Thank you, Pool Perfection!

    Customer Testimonial 4
    Kevin and his crew were FANTASTIC! They were very knowledgeable and could answer any questions I had. All of the guys were respectful & courteous. Kevin was very helpful from beginning to end; in coordinating the Travertine with the pool tiles as well as with the Flagstone pavers. He even had the brilliant suggestion of using smaller tiles on the spa and to use Travertine at the spa waterfall which looks amazing! We added hand rails to make getting out of the pool & spa safer & easier. I have deep steps so that was not only practical but it actually looks good. Once they finished they made sure everything was clean. Everyday I look at my pool I cannot believe the transformation. It is stunning! I wouldn't change a single thing! I am a widow & my husband before he passed always said to be cautious when I hired contractors. One of the most important things I can say is I trust Kevin. He is a man of his word. He stands behind his work. Thank you for giving me a gorgeous view to enjoy everyday! Kevin and Pool Perfection are the best!

    Customer Testimonial 5
    The price was pretty competitive based on the size of our pool. Unlike the other contractors that gave us a quote, Pool Perfection did not give us any high pressure sales pitches. Everything that was promised was delivered and the time frames in our contract were met ahead of schedule. The people who did the work were very professional and cleaned up the work mess at the end of the day. Kevin and his team did a great job working with our schedule. We have already recommended Pool Perfection to our neighbors