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    Pool Heaters

    Pool heaters are vital if you want to enjoy your swimming pool year round -- even during our hot and humid weather, sometimes the pool just doesn’t catch up to the temperatures outside. Our swimming pool equipment company can install a heating system for your pool that will keep it comfortable year round, and affordable to heat, too!

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    Swimming Pool Heaters

    There are several different models of swimming pool heaters available, and we recommend a couple of different varieties in particular:

    • Gas pool heaters
    • Pool heat pumps
    • High efficiency heat pumps

    The heating systems we install in pools can be extremely energy efficient, and therefore cost much less to run than the pool heaters of the past. While a gas heater will get your pool warmed up quicker than anything else on the market, they aren’t as efficient as heat pumps. We’ll help you decide which system will best benefit your home and your budget; just give us a call to set up your free estimate and we’ll go over the details of each with you!

    Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

    One of our favorite types of pool heaters recently has been the latest in energy efficiency: heat pumps. These units run extremely quietly and have a very easy installation process compared to other types of heating systems. There is no running of gas lines, or keeping a propane tank to hand, which many homeowners appreciate, and these pumps can last for many years, saving you more over time.

    How these pool heaters work is by taking the warmth out of the air (no shortage of that around here, is there?) and passes it through a compressor, intensifying that heat, and then putting that warmth into the water. It’s an extremely efficient way to heat up the pool or spa as it uses the air to warm the water, rather than a machine to generate the heat.

    inground poolUsing a heat pump for your pool can give you significant energy savings and make a big difference in the cost of heating your pool, even in the chilliest weather. Imagine being able to use your pool or spa in any season, and not shelling out an arm and a leg for it! It’s possible.

    With over 16 years in the swimming pool installation business, our company is particularly qualified to help you select and install the perfect heating system for your needs. We are also local homeowners, and we understand the importance of getting you and your family set up with a pool that offers you comfort and use year-round. Call to set up your free estimate, we hope you’ll find that our services can’t be beat and our prices are extremely competitive. Check out our testimonials on the site, or see our gallery for pictures of our work, and let us know what we can do for you!

    Heating your pool can be affordable!
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    We install pool heaters in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St Petersburg and all across Pinellas County.